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Restaurant e-mail marketing software


Create unlimited e-mail marketing Templates

Use inbuilt templates to create a campaign or create your own template. Following template types can be created:

  • Special Offer
  • New Menu
  • Coupon
  • Event
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Special Promotion
  • General

Once a template is created, you can use the same to instantly create new campaigns. Restaurantry has inbuilt templates for Birthday, Anniversary , specials etc.

Manage marketing Campaigns

Create campaigns with blank template or by choosing one of existing templates. Create visually appearing content using the editor provided. Upload your own images and customize using placeholder tags for individual customer name.

Advanced Scheduling

Your campaigns can be scheduled to be executed at any choosen future date. Our scheduler automatically executes all your campaigns scheduled on a daily basis. Just set the execution date and leave the rest to us. A campaign can be sent to all your opt-in customers or to one of the inbuilt subscription lists. Restaurantry has following subscription lists(customer segments):

  • VIP customers: Sends the campaign only to guests marked as VIPs.
  • Top n customers by reservations: If you specify n=500, campaign will be sent to the top 500 customers when sorted by number of reservations made by each customer. Use this segment to target your most visited diners.
  • By Birthday month: Includes 12 options for 12 months. That is customers with birthday in January, customers with birthday in February and so on till December. If you select "customers with birthday in May", the campaign will be sent only to the guests whose birth month is in May. Campaign will be sent on the scheduled date , may be one week before May. Use this segment to offer a discount to the guest on the occasion of his/her birthday to pursue booking a table.
  • By Anniversary month: Like Birthday month, this also includes 12 options for each month and works similar to birthday segment.
  • Cusomer since n days: Choose this option to target your most recent customers or customers since very long period.
  • Last visit more than n days ago: Use this segment for customers who did not visit you from long time as an attempt to re-attract. If n=180, sends campaign to guests that did not return since last 180 days.
  • Bottom n customers by reservations: Target guests who made minimal visits/reservations to the restaurant. If n=2, this is an attempt so these guests can make a third booking.