Restaurant reservation book

Restaurant reservation books are traditional pen and paper form of writing daily table reservations. These are maintained by the restaurant operator. Books are sold for calender year. Each page is a sheet of a grid with date printed in bold letters on the top. Each sheet consists of the following columns

  • Time
  • No. of people
  • Table Number
  • Diner Name. This is the person who booked the table.
  • Notes. This column is used to specify any special occasions like birthday, anniversary etc.
  • Status. Indicate if cancelled.

Books are sold in hard cover with spiral binding. The diary can be customized with year and restaurant name printed on the cover in what ever color choosen.

With the advent of internet, restaurant operators are moving to online table reservation software in which case paper books are not required. Online restaurant reservation software computerizes reservations. Please see restaurant reservation software. to create free online account.