Benefits of Restaurant reservation software

A restaurant reservation software helps in saving time spent on phone reservations. A phone based reservation involves both the caller and the receiver stick to the working hours of the restaurant. Operators and owners can calculate the time savings by taking into account the average daily number of calls and the average number of minutes spent on each call. More over once the booking widget is placed on the restaurant's website, reservations can be made 24x7 based on the convenience of the guest.

Restaurant reservation software helps in improving the whole dining experience resulting in repeat customers. Many of our restaurants have noticed this. Customers avoid disappointment due to long waiting lines especially on weekends and rush hours.

The benefits of restaurant reservation software replacing pen and paper are numerous. Here is a list of some of those:

  • Increased guest comfort resulting in increase in return visits.
  • Build guest database which in turn can be used for marketing. Online booking widget automatically builds customers list with every reservation.
  • Customers get entire availability calender for lunch, dinner, breakfast and brunch instantly online. This increases the chances of a visit to a table reservation by your guests. Explaining the same on the phone is error prone.
  • Software automatically confirms a table and sends confirmation email notification to both diner and restaurant. Guest does not need to wait for confirmation. This is possible because the reservation system captures the table set up and availability.
  • Avoid overbookings. The system confirms only tables that are available and does not let extra bookings.

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