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Restaurant online menu software

Probably menus are the ones that need updates most often than any other part of your website. Today if your online menu needs changes, either in terms of the prices or menu items themselves, you are dependant on your webmaster. The original webmaster who created your online presence may no longer be available for what ever reasons. By the time you get hold of a webmaster capable of handling your website and mobile website, you will experience significant delay and expense.

No longer with a free account with Restaurantry. Your online menu is always at your finger tips. With just a few clicks your menu is always realtime for your website and mobile website visitors. This avoids confusion to your customers due to difference in the bill and the price posted on your online menu. If both prices are not in sysc, there is a risk of losing customers' trust. Customers come to your restaurant based on the menu they have seen online.


  • Add unlimited food menus and wine menus
  • Add unlimited sections under each menu and unlimited items under each section
  • Update description for a section.
  • Update price of individual menu items
  • Add multiple items in a section at a time.
  • Guests can like a menu item.

Online Menu Analysis:

Restaurantry provides your guests with a feature to like any specific menu item they enjoyed. Get to know your most liked menu items so you can identify your chef's primary strenghts and rely on your most liked dishes to boost your revenue. Knowing which menu your guests like and which dislike is crucial to your continued existence in the restaurant business. One of the contributing factors for a restaurant to run in losses or shut down is not being able to identify whether guests liked your dishes.

100% free

Restaurantry menu management software is most advanced and is completely free. Simply sign up and show case your menu online. No technical skills needed. Menu is automatically integrated with the free website and free mobile website Restaurantry offers. Menu content management is at your finger trips.

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