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Privacy Policy


This statement pertains to personal information collected from Restaurantry.com including including reservation widget, e-gift card software and e-mail marketing software.

Personal Information Collection

When you book a table with any of the participating restaurants through Restaurantry, your name, email, phone. You may optionally provide birthday month & day and Anniversary month & day. This information is only shared with the restaurant you booked the table. Your information is never shared with any other restaurant or person or organization. Restaurantry is committed to safeguarding your privacy and keeps your information secure.

Additionally if you send a physical or electronic gift card, you will provide your name,address,e-mail address,telephone number and also that of the receiver to whom the gift card will be delivered. Both your information and the receiver's information is used only to fulfil the gift card sale transaction and only by the restaurant handling the transaction. Receiver's email cannot be marked as opt-in by the restaurant. However if the restaurant intends to contact the receiver at the sole discretion outside of Restauantry.com, we have no control on the communication.

Personal Information usage

Restaurantry limits the usage of your personal information only to book your table on your name at the restaurant. Your personally identifiable information is not used for any other purpose.

Restaurant e-mail marketing

Checking the tickbox "E-mail me specials/coupons" during table reservation process, indicates that you intend to opt-in to receive marketing related e-mails from the restaurant in the context. We provide our restauants e-mail marketing tools to send only to their own opt-in guests. Only that restaurant can send marketing e-mails to you which will be delivered from one of restaurantry.com e-mail ids because we are the software provider. Other restaurants in our network will have no information about your e-mail address. Restaurantry controls the subscribe and unsubscribe process. However Restaurantry has no control on the frequency, content or timing of the e-mails sent by the restaurant to opt-in guests. Your e-mail is never shared with any other person, organization or restaurant to send any sort of marketing material to you. We also provide unsubscribe options in every e-mail.


When you input contact information in the contact form of the reservation widget, this information may be saved in your computer to automatically populate these fields with out needing to re-type.

How your personal information is protected

We take your personal information protection seriously. All your information will be shared on our highly secure dedicated servers where access is limited only to top level management of Restaurantry.

Contacting us

We are here to address any sort of your privacy related concerns. We can be reached at contact@restaurantry.com